Eco-friendly Gifts | Sustainable Gifts Guide

Eco-friendly Gifts | Sustainable Gifts Guide

How many lives will you impact by switching to eco-friendly gifts?  

Gifting is about generosity, appreciation, and selflessness— giving a gift to someone you care about is a lovely way to express your sentiments.  When it comes to finding the ideal gift for the people that you love, gift shopping is a fantastic blend of artistry and a few anxious moments, enveloped in sheer joy.  

While finding the perfect gift can sometimes be challenging, there's a delight and a breath of relief in choosing the gifts you know your family, friends, or colleagues will love. Then again, if you're concerned about the environmental impact of items you purchase, a cloud of perplexity can blur the excitement of your shopping experience.  

So, how do you go about looking for stylish, thoughtful, and sustainable gifts? 

You can choose to gift green with our ultimate guide for ethical and environmentally friendly gifts. Ranging from silicon straws, cosmetic pouches, accessories, canvas totes to sheets, towels, and cookbooks— something sustainable for everyone on your gift list!  

Glass straws from Simply Straw are reusable, durable and recyclable. Simply Straws offers simple solutions to reduce single-use plastics through their reusable straws, utensils, and drinkware. They are an award-winning certified B Corporation, a WBENC Certified Women Business Enterprise, and a member of 1% For The Planet.

Reusable Water Bottles from Mira Brands in White Color

Mira is all about adventure, style, and sustainability. Their BPA free, reusable, and insulated stainless steel product lines allow your food/beverage to stay hot or cold for hours. They’ve created a wide variety of styles and designs to fit all of your needs.  

The Zero Waste Cookbook is a comprehensive guide to extending the life of your food and reducing waste. An excellent book to learn all the amazing ways to create delicious recipes without wasting food. Plus, it also includes stunning food photography. We’re sure you have a culinary enthusiast on your list who would love this book!

Our eco-friendly makeup and toiletry bags come in stunning colors. You can simply and stylishly carry your skincare products, cosmetics, or any other items. An ethical, stylish bag for toting and organizing all your essentials. They are made from certified organic cotton, and generously sized. With each purchase of a Terra Thread bag, we support Feeding America’s Campaign to end hunger in the US.

When it comes to storing food and avoiding the use of plastic bags, Stasher’s reusable silicone storage bags are the best. You can store, bake, microwave food safely and seamlessly. Made of 100% platinum food-grade silicone, these sustainable bags do not leak or deteriorate, and have robust durability.

Organic Cotton Bath Towels from Terra Thread Home

These towels are very efficient not just in terms of performance but the environmental impact— one set saves approximately 883 days of drinking water, reduces 58 km of driving emissions, and donates 40 meals to the needy. Made of certified organic cotton, this 6-piece towel set is a luxurious gift that gives back. Plus, they are GOTS and Fairtrade Certified and Carbon Neutral.

These lovely soaps are produced using ethically sourced materials and manufacturing processes. As a sustainable gift choice, the divine fragrance of strawberry rhubarb or red clover is not one to disappoint!

Upcycled and packed in carbon-neutral wrapping, these elegant glasswares are stylish, modern, and environmentally friendly!

Stojo Reusable Cup

Unlike other reusable cups, this one is unique— it collapses. You get the convenience of easy stow or slipping it in your bag while on the go. Made with LFGB Certified silicone, the cups are not only free of harmful chemicals but also perfectly sustainable!

Consumed challenges us to consider our consumerism habits— why we buy what we buy, how it is made, who receives the benefits, and the ways we can address the issues caused by our wasteful consumptions.

Simplifying the meaning of sustainability by offering the green solution for cutting down plastic wrap waste. With these reusable beeswax wraps, all you gotta do is— wrap, rinse, and repeat!

Large Canvas Tote Bags for Work

These environmentally friendly tote bags made of certified organic cotton are stylish, durable, and super versatile. A classic, robust design to hold all of your belongings. Use it for work, shopping, beach, weekend trips— the ideal carry-on for just about any event! We also have a zippered tote bag for travel if that is something your recipient prefers.

If you are still unsure, check out our eco friendly backpacks and gift cards.

If you’ve made it all the way here, we’re sure you’re one to appreciate conscious living yourself— perhaps you’d also like to check out our take on How To Avoid Holiday Waste This Year?

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