5 Conscious Living Focused YouTube Channels

5 Conscious Living Focused YouTube Channels

We live in a world that is constantly changing— from fashion trends to climate changes. Climate change adversely affects the planet with increased global warming, droughts, and severe storms. The United Nations has warned the world about massive heatwaves and increased global warming rates in 2022 due to uncontrolled emissions. Meanwhile, the advancement of modernity is adding to the heightening of negative environmental impacts— technology is driving our lifestyles, and synthetic products have taken the front seat. Fortunately, change catalysts around the world are advocating for sustainable living to spread awareness and prevent potential threats. 

Here are five brilliant youtube channels striving to make a difference through conscious content. 

  • Happen Films

A collection of documentary films about sustainability, permaculture, natural building, etc. New Zealand based filmmakers Jordan and Antoinette share solution-focused documentaries on community and global challenges. They aim to share inspirational stories that will impact their viewers positively. One is sure to find inspiration through this amazing channel to make changes that matter in daily life. 

Watch Here

  • Fairyland Cottage

Follow the lives of an Irish couple as they make videos about simple and healthy living. If you're looking for soothing videos that also teach you about living life sustainably— this is the channel. The content comprises various topics such as vegan recipes, organic DIYs, zero-waste life hacks, etc. So sit back, relax, and learn about how making small changes can make a big difference while having fun! 

Watch Here

  • Simple Dee

Dee Rosal promotes sustainable living by vlogging about her daily life. Rosal also talks about living simply even without being a minimalist. Her videos incorporate soothing music that matches the atmosphere and makes them enjoyable to watch. Low waste life, budget planning, eco-friendly DIYs, etc., are some topics that you can learn about through her youtube channel. 

Watch Here.  

  • Sustainably Vegan

British YouTuber Immy advocates for a low-impact lifestyle. If you're interested in learning about all things sustainable, from fashion to life hacks, this channel will be one of your favorites! Her content has also inspired many of her subscribers to join the sustainability movement. Learn how to plan zero-waste habits and make healthy changes in your life through her youtube channel.

Watch Here

  • My Green Closet

Canada-based sustainable fashion and lifestyle content creator, Verena– Erin, shares videos of her sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Her content educates viewers about slow fashion, natural beauty, minimalism, and living consciously. Join Erin in making a change for a better future, starting from your wardrobe to everyday essentials. 

Watch Here

As conscious readers and responsible members of society, let's take part in this sustainable movement and support those who are leading the change!


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