What Does True Fair Trade Clothing Mean?

Fair Trade Clothing

Choosing fair trade clothing is a terrific way to advocate for more ethical and environmentally friendly clothing. You use your dollars as a vote against the misconduct of the vulnerable population engaged in the inhumane operations of the fashion industry.

Fair Trade clothing means the item was manufactured using environmentally friendly methods and ethical trade standards- no sweatshops, fair wages for the employees, etc. Fair Trade is involved in how consumer goods affect society and morality. The primary concern is the healthy work environment for workers participating in the different production phases. It includes the farm and factory workers, and people employed throughout the supply chain network. To use the third party fair trade labels, retailers must be actively engaged in the operations and also receive certifications from credible third-party organizations.

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Fair Trade– The Global Movement 

The fair trade movement is a worldwide effort committed to sustainable development by supporting small producers, safe workplace surroundings, fair compensation, and a foothold in overseas markets. The fundamental values are transparency and gender equality. In a nutshell, fair trade seeks to uphold employees' rights to a fair wage and human dignity, to reduce poverty in developing economies, and to promote more environmentally friendly methods of manufacturing goods.

Fair Trade Labels

The fashion sector is home to a range of certifications and networks, but there is no regulatory requirement for any business to confirm the sustainability of its operations and goods. This is where third-party Fair Trade certifications make a difference. A reputable label can increase a fashion brand's openness and help navigate the strenuous market segment. It reflects a company's credentials across the entire manufacturing and distribution system. Some of the Fair Trade clothing labels include:

fairtrade international logo

The goals of Fairtrade International include promoting more equitable trading practices and empowering small producers to fight poverty, improve their status, and gain more ownership. The organization holds the belief that fair trading and open markets can lead to sustainable growth that positively impacts the world's poorest and most vulnerable.

fair trade usa logo

Fair Trade Certified is a trading system that prioritizes people, Fair Trade USA oversees it. It creates financial and welfare benchmarks for farmers and workers. Brands that bear the Fair Trade Certified label adhere to standards that cover environmental and socioeconomic factors.

fair wear

Fair Wear Foundation believes in the concept of "shared responsibility." The primary objective is to improve employment environments in the textile sector. Fair Wear works with manufacturers, garment workers, trade unions, clothing companies, NGOs, and other industry relevant parties to better supply chain operations in the international apparel sector.

fair trade federation

The Fair Trade Federation is a group of fair trade businesses dedicated to developing fair and lasting commercial relations. They aim for a future where justice, equity, and sustainable development are at the core of trade frameworks and procedures.

Importance of Fair Trade 

The concept behind the label "Fair Trade" is to act fair by the population participating in the manufacturing process of the clothes. This includes both financial and social treatment.

The fashion industry takes advantage of the rural population in developing nations afflicted with severe financial hardships. The unfavorable working conditions and continuous exposure to hazardous substances induce dangerous long-term health issues. This does not only impact the worker in question but their families. The lack of medical care and specialized health care further exacerbates the already grievous poverty situation. Organizations that support fair trade make an effort to rectify these social ailments by prioritizing producers and addressing commercial fairness.

Fair Trade Clothing For Sustainable Fashion 

The best way to minimize waste is to choose quality products that you can wear again and again. When you are in need of something new, go for clothes that are made of natural fiber, like organic cotton. And shop for clothes that are made in safe working conditions! Here are a few fair trade apparel you can sport for years to come.

A classic Fair Trade tee lends coziness, elegance, and quality. Terra Thread's organic cotton t-shirts are made from high-quality 180 GSM fairtrade organic cotton fabric with high-quality stitching for durability.

white t-shirts for men

Our all-gender design t-shirts are soft and lightweight. And these prewashed and preshrunk T-shirt designs fit just right, allowing the pleasure of total comfort and movement while maintaining your best appearance. Plus, they are Regenerative Organic Certified®.

Accent your minimalist style with Terra Thread's trendy, organic cotton hoodies. We have zip-up and pullover hoodies in our collection.

soft organic cotton hoodies

Made with 350 GSM fairtrade organic cotton fabric with high-quality stitching for durability, these hoodies are all about functionality and are made to last. 

Fair Trade respects humanity, works for social upliftment, and considers the environment. Wearing fair trade clothing shows you support the same values and practices.

All of Terra Thread's products are made of Fairtrade Organic cotton at Fair Trade Certified™ factories.

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