Finding Tranquility During the Holidays

Finding Tranquility During the Holidays

There is a reason we continue to celebrate holidays. They are an integral component of our lives. Simply expressed, we continue our holiday customs because they enrich our festivities and strengthen our relationships with our loved ones. However, while holidays are a purposeful time of the year, they also bring their share of anxiety and stress.

Our calendars get quickly booked up with events, or we feel like we're not doing enough if our plans are not perfect. The season of giving, love and social transitions can end up being characterized by worry and anxiety. It's important to balance the buildup to the holidays and their interference with our ability to enjoy them.

If you're drawn to the concept of a calmer, less complicated holiday this year, permit yourself to do so. Just because you've always done something doesn't mean you have to continue doing it that way. Here are six ways to help you stay calm during the hectic holiday season.

  • Making the holidays about people, not things

Take a moment to relax before going into holiday mode and reflect on the true meaning of the holidays. Although it may seem like parties, food, and presents are the only stimulators, keep in mind that it's friends, family, kindness, and love that matter most.

  • Sticking to routine

The rush of holidays compels us to maroon our daily schedule and shift our focus to making everything about the celebrations go according to plan. Dismissing daily routines that keep you grounded can impact physical and mental health, so, alongside the cheer of holidays, it's imperative to continue our regular routine to keep ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy.

  • Balancing fun & enjoyment

You can maintain a healthy balance and indulge in holiday treats without heavy meals taking over. Drink plenty of water and priotize organic and unprocessed food. Being strategic when attending social events is another good suggestion. The holiday season is filled with events, including parties, family reunions, community meetings, and more. Such occasions are a lovely chance to bond as well as a bait for tension. So, carefully consider what triggers your stress. Making decisions that prioritize your peace, can help lessen the stressors and improve the holiday season fun.

  • Managing finances

Expenses pile up in a blink of an eye during the holidays. If you're not realistic about what you can afford or overspend on holiday merriment, you can have debt that follows you into the next year. Gifts, trips, extracurricular activities, and other unseen spending can result in massive stress. Even though it can be challenging, it's best to sort the budget and be concise on the gift list to ensure you're doing what is most practical for your wallet.

  • Sustainable gift-giving

We frequently give into the tradition of purchasing and distributing things that nobody needs as gifts. Resolve to be mindful and conscious this year as a gift to the world, to others, and to yourself. You can start by reducing the names on your list to the absolute minimum, for example, family and closest friends. Decide on a budgeted amount, and consider eco friendly gifts that can serve them for years. You can also express appreciation besides giving a present— write a letter, drop a heartwarming email, call, offer to help, eat dinner together, or spend quality time with them.
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  • Making "me-time" non-negotiable

Do what pampers, relaxes and rejuvenates your mind and body. It may be a day with no plans and simply at home in comfortable jammies, calm meditation sessions (or upbeat cardio sessions), or binging on your favorite show with your favorite snacks. Doing what makes you happy improves your well-being and helps you find inner peace and tranquility amidst the loudness of the holiday season. Handling the intricacies of celebrations can be consuming and draining. So, remember to reserve some of your time and efforts for the things that are most important and rewarding to you.

Final thoughts
All elements of life need balance. Making thoughtful decisions and setting priorities can help find that balance. It's up to you to decide how you want to spend your holidays— honor your boundaries and desires to find calm and peace.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and tranquil holiday season!

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