5 Sustainable Gifts Under $50 from Terra Thread

Sustainable Gifts from Terra Thread

Terra Thread products are not just stylish; the people involved throughout the supply chains are also fairly compensated and treated with respect. Terra Thread products are:

The Holidays are right around the corner, and with them, they're bringing all the love, joy, and celebration that comes with it, but along with the tides of heartwarming moments comes the headache of setting a budget and finding the perfect gifts.  

Well, let's help you keep this year's holidays all about fun and making lovely memories with your friends and family!

Check out these Fair Trade gifts under $50 from Terra Thread:

Our laptop sleeves provide safety and elegance to any laptop or tablet from 13-15 inches. Crafted with certified organic cotton, our laptop sleeves will serve you for years. They are available in three styles:

  1. Laptop sleeve 13 inch
  2. 15 inch laptop case
  3. Laptop sleeve with handles

pink laptop case

It's an exceptional work bag tote for transporting all of your daily necessities. This chic tote bag has room for everything, including laptops, water bottles, books, lunch bags, and even makeup essentials!

tote bag with compartments

Our entire collection of super cute belt bags and slings is ethically manufactured using eco-conscious organic cotton canvas. They are free of synthetics and considerate of the well-being of our planet earth. As far as sustainability and style go, these gifts are as sustainable and chic as it gets.

sustainable fanny pack  red sling bag

Here is a personal care tool that most of us don't realize we need until we own one. The cosmetic bags from Terra Thread serve multipurpose needs of storing little but precious belongings— makeup & skincare products, grooming kits, medicines, ID cards, phone chargers, jewelry, etc. The best part is it works perfectly as a gift for both male and female loved ones!

Green makeup bag

Mini-essentials such as keys, paintbrushes, and makeup brushes, for some reason, seem to play hide-and-seek when we need them the most. This pencil case is the ultimate bag to store tiny but indispensable items, ensuring they never go missing. The compact attractive frame makes it effortless to fit into any backpack or handbag, making it a "must-have" for every modern individual.

black pencil bag

Lately, the word "ethical" is being branded about frequently. Every market player seems to be throwing it somewhere in their collection to feed the growing demand for conscious products. Here, in Terra Thread's humble world, when we say we're ethical, we mean it.

All of Terra Thread's products are made using natural fiber- organic cotton. We strictly adhere to the standards of ethical manufacturing and production, treating our partners, factory workers, and employees with respect.

Terra Thread ensures our lenses are zooming in on sustainability not just from a transparency and accountability perspective but humanity as well. For every product purchased, we assist Feeding America in their journey of eradicating hunger across the United States. And so far, we've helped donate over 1.5 million meals. To further improve our brand and do more for the planet and people, we are currently working on our Regenerative Organic Certified collection, which we will soon launch to offer products that are even better for you and the environment.  

You've probably heard it a million times, and here comes the one million one— eco-friendly presents don't have to be expensive! We've listed under $50 products that would put a smile on any face in your gift list this year. Happy holidays!

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