Consider Sustainable Swags This Holiday Season

Sustainable Swags for employees

The old concept of marketing swag is no longer the same— read on to find out why and how Terra Thread can help you catch up!  

Marketing swag is another name for a promotional item. Companies use it to monetize their brands and businesses and also distribute it as corporate gifts, freebies, employee appreciation gifts, etc.

Do Businesses Need Marketing Swag?  

Marketing swag investments are optional, but the gains far outweigh the costs, and one may miss out on fantastic benefits by opting out of them. This is the reason why it's indispensably used as a marketing tool across various industries. Businesses that are serious about winning in the aggressively competitive industry leverage the power of swags to solidify their brand. 

Importance of Marketing Swags  

Businesses use swags to cultivate bonds with current customers or market their business to prospective customers. They also use it to strengthen relationships with the in-house staff and partners and, of course, to raise brand recognition. In comparison to other forms of promotion, people interact with swag significantly differently. It is valued, quantifiable, interactive, and helpful to the receiver, which sets it apart from other marketing strategies.

The Rise of Sustainable Marketing Swags  

Marketing swags come in many forms. While once upon a time, the materials of corporate gifts and promotional distribution didn't matter much, with climate change issues at the forefront of every sector, sustainable swag is now increasingly gaining prominence. People are starting to emphasize how brands, corporates, and even governments engage with the climate change crisis. They are advocating for sustainability by investing their dollars and loyalty to organizations and companies that share their values. Conversely, businesses are becoming more conscious of the processes involved in product sourcing, production, packaging, sale, and promotions.  

Unfortunately, given the strong role of budget in terms of corporate gifting investments, many businesses still frequently prioritize cost-reducing over the eco-impact of the products. As a result, items made of plastics and other non-sustainable materials for giveaways and promotions continue. Plastic, a less expensive material, sits perfectly for companies (especially the smaller ones) looking for inexpensive promotional gifts. But these goods add to the nation's mounting waste issue. An average American generates 130kg of plastic waste annually, roughly amounting to around 780kg CO2 (6 kg CO2 per kilo of plastic). Unsustainable marketing swags with high environmental impact only make this problem worse which leaves sustainable or eco-friendly swags to be the better choice.  

Eco-friendly promotional products are more profitable for the organization, even if it requires a slightly higher investment. It has one of the most crucial advantages of voicing the company's sustainability stand. This helps increase brand awareness among eco-conscious customers, drawing more attention to an organization than conventional, low-quality, disposable swag. Choosing eco-friendly gifts and freebies can help you establish your brand and run a green enterprise. Below is a brief peek at the impactful possibilities of green marketing swags.

  • Investing in eco-friendly swags can benefit your company by stimulating the growth of clientele loyalty. Consumers, especially the younger generations that make up the majority of consumers, prefer businesses that support sustainability. 
  • Sustainable swag can help your company establish a brand persona that emphasizes green business initiatives. It will give you a competitive edge over other players in the market who still use cheap, plastic promotional materials. This will eventually impact brand impression and attract buyers willing to go miles for eco-conscious brands. Or, even retaining your employees.
  • Sustainable swags come with quality which means the receiver will remember your brand for years to come—facilitating long-term traffic and higher marketing value of your products and services.

5 Ideas for Sustainable Swag & Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifts and swags should be given with utmost consideration mainly for two reasons. The first is that brands and companies need to lessen their environmental impact. The second and obvious reason is that the recipients deserve items that can serve them well and for several years.    

That being said, we've compiled a list of sustainable swags and eco-friendly corporate gift suggestions to promote sustainability and help reduce waste this holiday. All of the products below have a visual so lovely that you won't need gift wrapping, eliminating packaging waste right from the start.   

    everyday backpack in red color

    This well-loved everyday backpack is made with nature's best to give the ever-moving digital individuals an engaging travel and everyday experience. The backpack has a large compartment of 16 liters capacity and features:

    • Two main compartment zippers with long pulls 
    • Internal sleeve fits 13" – 15" inch laptop 
    • Internal hanging pocket 
    • Large zippered external pocket 
    • Two external water bottle pockets 

    The internal laptop sleeve can house a MacBook, iPad Pro, and other window laptops of 13 to 15-inches in size. It is the ideal holiday appreciation gift for employees, given that it comes in a variety of colors. The team can enjoy top backpack performance in different playful visual aesthetics. 

    shoulder fanny pack

    Cadera is perhaps the cutest and most useful sustainable swag that any recipient will appreciate. The characteristic design of the bag allows the user to effortlessly carry all the on-the-go essentials, conveniently freeing the hands and shoulders. Aside from the main compartment, the other features that accent the bag include:

    • Front pocket with zipper
    • Inside pocket
    • Detachable hook on one side for easy strap adjustments
    • YKK lead-free antique finish metal zippers

    Cadera fanny pack also comes in a variety of colors, enough to satisfy the preferences of your hardworking employees and brand patrons.

    eco friendly laptop sleeves

    This is one of the most practical appreciation gifts for employees who have returned to work. Our laptop sleeves have a sleek silhouette, and interior padding, and are secured with lead-free metal and zippers. It also has a zippered front pocket to hold office accessories such as pens, chargers, paper documents, etc. Our laptop sleeves are available in three styles:

    1. Laptop sleeve 13 inch (it will fit up to 14 inch Macbook pro)
    2. 15 inch laptop case (it will fit up to 16 inch Macbook pro)
    3. Laptop bag with handles (will fit up to 16 inch laptops)

    canvas pencil pouch

    One of the latest additions to our collection, Batai cloth pencil bags are the perfect medium to carry the little essentials. The main compartment can hold pencils, pens, sharpies, lip gloss, and many other life-saving mini tools. These brightly colored organic cotton cases possess super cute looks and are secured with strong long zippers made of lead-free antique finish metal. 

    work bags with compartments

    The perfect work tote bag does exist. This organic cotton canvas work bag has a spacious body interior and a snap closure for seamless opening and closing. The bag's interior houses a laptop compartment and a water bottle pocket. The outer part is finished with strong handle straps and an external zippered pocket. These tote bags for work come in lovely colors and are shipped without unnecessary packaging. 

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