5 Ways to Support National Parks

Ways to Support National Parks

The American national parks are markedly pronounced. These wonders have been under protection for years, so the present and future generations can appreciate them.  

If you're equally enthusiastic about our country's national parks as we are, you're probably aware of the severe funding cuts that the parks are currently facing. Budgets for NPS-wide maintenance and construction projects are still being squeezed. Your contribution, be it financial donations or volunteer work, can assist in supporting the execution of these programs and lessen the strain on the national parks.  

Help Preserve Our National Parks  

The United States possesses some of the most extraordinary riches of nature in our national parks. According to National Park Services, the country's national parks welcomed 297.1 million visitors in 2021 with half of the attractions in just 25 sites out of the 423 park units. While visits to these breathtaking landscapes are justifiable for obvious reasons, the massive number of visitors has made preserving and sustaining America's national parks more difficult.  

These stunning, untamed, and revered open-air spaces amount to 423 park units, covering almost 90,000,000 acres of land nationwide. That is a substantial amount of ground to protect, and we believe the parks could use our assistance.  

Today, thanks to the many people who have given the national parks authorities their dollars, time, and expertise over the years, we have these majestic beauties around. By supporting the national parks, you will be giving back to a place that has given you and your family lovely memories while also contributing to a legacy for future generations to enjoy.  

If you want to take steps that reward the preservation of our parks for hundreds of years and more, here are five things you can do:

  • Donate 

Your contribution to park organizations ensures that our parks receive the care they require. A great start to doing so is financial contributions. You can donate to National Park Service, and while you are visiting the park, you can also support the parks by shopping at their respective stores. 

  • Volunteer 

Every volunteer experiences the joy of having done something to better the world, regardless of how big or small the task is. The national park projects depend heavily on volunteer help. It can be as simple as taking an hour out of your day to clean up trash or enrolling for internship opportunities. The National Park Service invites nearly 300,000 volunteers of all ages, educational backgrounds, and skill levels who put in over 6.5 million hours every year. There is always a means for you to make a difference for the cause you care about. And the best way to demonstrate your love and respect for the national parks is by working for its preservation— begin your journey with volunteer programs.

Volunteer programs for NPS

Credit: NPS

  • Take A Trip 

Plan a day trek to the parks and engage with park rangers and other visitors. While at it, clean up any garbage you come across and avoid generating trash. If you have new colleagues or associates who are unaware of what the parks have to offer, take them along with you. They will get a new awareness of the parks, and you may also score your new trekking or even volunteer buddy. 

  • Voice Your Support  

Your noble intentions deserve to be heard– speak up! Inquire about current initiatives your political authorities have undertaken to help the parks. Send emails, write, call, or even visit the office. Voice your advocacy for the National Parks, and request the local representatives to sponsor laws that safeguard them.

  • Shop National Park Organizations' Products 

When it comes to buying sustainable items from organizations working to uphold our national parks, gladly hit the add to the cart button because you're supporting a worthy cause. Show your love and appreciation for the parks by shopping from organizations that are committed to preserving our natural fauna and flora. In addition to sustainable manufacturing practices, park organizations also contribute a portion of their earnings to conservation initiatives. 

Our national parks are our legacy, a legacy we will be passing on to future generations. If they are destroyed, a portion of our heritage will follow suit. Volunteer, shop, donate— do anything and everything you can to help our national parks!  

Some of the top organizations taking on the responsibility of protecting America's national parks include National Park FoundationNational Parks Conservation AssociationYellowstone Forever, and Glacier National Park Conservancy, among others.

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