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Terra Thread's Canvas Duffle Bag is perfect for summer travels

The days of heavy luggage have passed. Packing light is the new must-do for any getaway. And duffle bags are excellent travel companions which can be carried effortlessly. 

A duffle bag can be a must-have for summer travels; its space is large enough to fit various essentials, from the change of clothes to swimsuits and toiletries. Allow us to introduce you to a bag that is classy, spacious, and perfect for any short trip! 

The Terra Thread Bumi Eco Duffel Bag is a versatile bag that can be worn over the shoulder or carried in the hands, making it ideal for travel purposes. The bag's minimalist design goes well with outfit you have on. It is basically an extension of traveling from weekend getaways to the gym, picnics, and overnight stays. Our duffle collection is available in different colors ranging from neutral to bright, so you can find a travel bag that fits your charisma and personal flair. While the aesthetics of our canvas duffle bag is no less fashionable, it also has a sense of ethical and practical characteristics. The entire collection is made of soft and durable 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton crops are free of toxic chemicals and harmful byproducts, and they use fewer natural resources. So, using natural cotton bags is both ethical and better for the environment. 

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Features of Terra Thread Duffle Bag 

The hallmarks of Terra Thread collections are convenience, reliability, and environmental stewardship. These cotton canvas bags are manufactured in Fairtrade certified factories to ensure ethical production. The bag is light and comfortable, even when fully loaded, and the long zipper double-sided pull doesn't tax on the neck or the shoulders. 

The main compartment has an impressive amount of space and can hold more than just the essentials; clothes, shoes, water bottles, sunglasses, etc. These are useful when out exploring a new city. The handy front pocket allows the access you may require to essentials like room keys, earphones, or medicines. An inside hanging zippered pocket is ideal for safely storing passports and other valuables. These additional compartments make organizing easy, preventing clutter and mess. 

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Further, the bag is secured with structurally sound, lead-free metal zippers, making it difficult for things to fall out or potential pickpocketing for that matter. Safe and comfortable hauling is extremely useful when traveling. With a sturdy duffle bag, it gets even easier! 


Summer is a rollercoaster of thriving endeavors and activities that require robust bags to keep you organized. From canvas backpacks to cosmetic & toiletry bagscotton tote bags, and spacious travel duffles— an army of lightweight, sturdy bags are what you need to keep your summer travels synchronized, so you can focus on having fun. 

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