Terra Thread's Laptop Cases are Biodegradable

biodegradable laptop cases

Terra Thread laptop sleeves are environmentally friendly laptop cases that will stand out in the crowd! 

The best approach to promote sustainability in the business sector is manufacturing items that are conscientious and durable. It also uplifts and empowers the livelihoods of regional craftspeople, while showcasing their textile skills and dexterity. 

laptop case 13 inch

We are committed to preventing environmental damages and promoting social fairness. Terra Thread's laptop sleeves are made of fair trade certified organic cotton in fair trade certified factories. Our brand's strategies are anchored on sustainability— using green practices to meet global demands without compromising the environment. And using eco-friendly natural fiber to create our products is one of them. 

Why choose Computer Sleeves made of Natural Fiber? 

  • Natural fibers are grown without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, ensuring that the finished goods are safe for consumption. Additionally, the production process also employs natural techniques that eliminate any contamination associated with agriculture.
  • Products made from natural fibers like organic cotton are biodegradable. The fabric has an excellent material profile that includes renewability and eco-friendliness as well. Plus, it is also non-toxic, less dense, compostable, and widely available. A great alternative to synthetic fabrics which are harmful to health and the environment
  • Three to six percent of the world's carbon emissions are attributable to clothing items. An outcome of traditional production methods and careless after-purchase care. Meanwhile, biodegradable fabrics have a smaller carbon footprint because the majority of them come from natural sources and degrade naturally over time. Additionally, they also contribute to carbon sequestration. For instance, every tonne of dried natural jute fiber production absorbs around 2.4 tonnes of carbon
  • Natural fabrics like organic cotton contain no chemical traces, making them suitable for all skin types. A massive benefit especially for people with sensitive skin. These eco-friendly fabrics have brilliant breathability and softness that do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Most of the discarded garments end up in landfills. In the United States, it amounts to around 18 million tonnes of textile Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Further, textile waste is also estimated to take up about 5% of landfills. In such a scenario, employing biodegradable fabrics is the answer because it lessens the overall trash output and naturally breaks down over time under proper biological conditions

The emphasis on exceptional quality, durability, and sustainability motivates our actions. 

Check out our collection of laptop sleeves:

13 inch laptop case (compatible with both 13 and 14 inches laptops)

15.6 inch laptop case (compatible with 16 inches macbook pro)

laptop sleeve with handle (compatible with 13 - 16 inches laptops)

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