A Versatile Backpack for Every Look

Versatile Backpack

Does your backpack have enough room for all of your belongings? Backpacks have a high scorecard in the functionality sense, but in the aesthetic department, backpacks aren't always the most fashionable companion. 

You want an item that offers the best of both worlds.

Teal Backpack

After all, it's the one piece of gear you'll be carrying around with you daily! Carry your laptop, textbooks, water bottle, lunch box, and other essentials in our chic Earth Backpack that will trend through this year and beyond.

Earth Backpack - for school and everyday use

Back-to-school season is terrific for mixing things up with nostalgic trends when it comes to backpacks. But, with Terra Thread's Backpacks, you can mix things up at any time. Terra Thread's sustainable backpack comes in several colors, from bright to neutral, giving several choices for extravagant and minimalistic personalities.

red backpack

These backpacks are also made with certified fairtrade organic cotton canvas, which means you can feel good about the materials these backpacks are made of. The side pockets that can accommodate your water bottle are fantastic, and the inner sleeve for your laptop and multiple small compartments will help you keep everything organized!  

Use this backpack for school and after-school activities! Unpack the books and load your personal essentials for an overnight stay at a friend's house or a weekend hike. This all-purpose backpack can serve you for almost any event or occasion.

Why we love this eco-friendly backpack:  

  • Large main compartment for storing all on-the-move essentials
  • Sleek design
  • Equipped with multiple pockets
  • Lead-free YKK metal zippers for easy opening and closing
  • Enough space for stashing any additional treats one may need
  • Your purchase also supports Feeding America's campaign to end hunger by helping donate meals to kids and families in need

Try colors like moss green or lavender for your first day of school, college, or office to make an impression. These backpacks will lend an incredible sense of coolness, so be prepared for the "cool backpack" praises!

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