National Arbor Day: Planting Trees for a Better Future

National Arbor Day

As April draws to a close, Arbor Day, a day to honor the significant contribution that trees provide to our environment will soon be here! Arbor Day is a worldwide celebration that takes place in the spring. In the United States, it is held on the last Friday in April.

Brief Background on Arbor Day

Nebraska, 1872, served as the starting point of a specific day designated to plant trees in the United States. We now observe Arbor Day every year as a result of the popularity of this tree-planting celebration.
People across the globe grow trees in their gardens, backyards, and community grounds, preserve them, and spread awareness about their importance. While the mission is the same, it is called by different names in different parts of the world. The celebration of planting trees is referred to as Arbor Week, Tree Festival, Greenery Day, and more in various countries. Regardless of the names of this unique celebration, it conveys the same message that trees matter to all of us, no matter where we reside in the world.

Arbor Day

Celebrate Trees— They Are Wonderful! 

Arbor Day offers us the chance to learn more about trees and take steps to improve our planet. Listed below are some of the many benefits trees offer us:

  • Trees remove dangerous airborne contaminants and tiny particles from the air.  
  • Trees release oxygen that humans, animals, and other living things need to breathe. 
  • Trees give us shade and keep our home cool during scorching summers.  
  • Trees protect us from harsh winds. 
  • Trees beautify our surroundings.  
  • Trees provide resources to make lifestyle goods such as medicines, skincare, stationery, clothes, the list goes on.

Express Your Gratitude This Arbor Day

Here are five different ways that you can appreciate trees this Arbor Day.  

  • Take pleasure in nature 

Trees are majestic and essential for the ecosystem. Visit an arboretum nearby this Arbor Day and be ready to be in awe of the natural beauty all around you. If it is not possible, take a walk to explore the outdoors. You will be motivated to preserve the natural environment through its beauty!

  • Think before tossing paper in the trash  

Look around- there are recyclable paper items all around us. You can recycle cardboard, notebooks, periodicals, newspapers, and more. An average American consumes 650 pounds of paper annually. We could save around 100 million tons of wood if that same amount of paper were recycled. 

  • Attend an Arbor Day celebration 

Communities all across the world enthusiastically observe Arbor Day. You can do your part by being a part of the celebration. Arbor Day events are a great place to find inspiration and develop plans. Organize an event and send invitations to friends and family. If you'd prefer to participate in an existent program, search for Arbor Day volunteering events through environmental associations in your region.

  • Keep your neighborhood tidy 

A tree thrives best in a clean environment. Waste and rubbish only stunt a tree's growth or possibly even kill them off. Spend your Arbor Day clearing up trash in your vicinity to help preserve the vegetation there.

  • Plant Trees!  

Planting trees is an essential good we can do for our planet, but also the best way to honor Arbor Day. If nothing else, purchase a few seedlings from neighborhood nurseries and plant them in your backyard to celebrate Arbor Day!

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