Are Canvas Backpacks Really Eco-Friendly? Here's What You Need to Know

are canvas backpacks eco friendly

The number of consumers concerned about the environment is increasing daily. More consumers are constantly on the lookout for eco-friendly alternatives for lifestyle consumption. Likewise, businesses are also working harder to satisfy the demand that is only continuing to soar for sustainable products. Among the many environmentally friendly practices, using products made of natural fiber is one of them and in particular, the use of canvas backpacks.

While long heralded as the answer to the polluting waste that single-use plastic bags produce, not every backpack is created equal. Let's find out more about if canvas backpacks are truly environmentally friendly and ecologically sound.

What makes a backpack eco-friendly?

Canvas backpacks are created using natural substances seen as being environmentally benign. For example, linen and cotton. They work fantastically as daily bags, making them the perfect eco-friendly choice. One can easily rewash (and even repair) to keep the backpack looking and functioning like new. And upon the end of their long service life, they break down effortlessly owing to their biodegradability. Then why, despite such facts, do controversies exist that question the eco-friendliness of the product?

Not All Canvas Backpack Are Created Equal 

While cotton canvas is eco-friendly in theory, the material choice and production process can impact its green profile. The manufacturing and marketing of canvas backpacks using traditional conventional cotton consumes a large number of resources and involves unethical human practices. Meanwhile, a truly eco-friendly backpack is created using eco-friendly principles right from the source to the market-ready stage. The individuals throughout the supply chain are treated fairly, prioritizing their prosperity rather than just profits.

The answer to the question "are canvas backpacks eco-friendly" is quite simple. It all depends on who makes it and how it is made. Canvas backpacks, just like any other item, come with flaws, but the good news is you have brands using certified organic cotton to bring to market the most eco-friendly backpack options (hello from Terra Thread!).

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Alongside this, several certifications work to transform cotton into a truly eco-friendly canvas fabric. These certifications help consumers identify textile quality and make informed decisions.

Cotton, in general, is an incredibly versatile material. But the production process of conventional cotton uses ample water, which has a detrimental effect on availability. Around 3250 liters of water go into growing the cotton required to bring one t-shirt to market. This is about three years' worth of drinking water. Conventional cotton production consumes a sizable portion of the already limited freshwater resource in developing nations with poor irrigation practices and a lack of environmental education. Unfortunately, careless water usage is just one of the endless issues associated with conventional cotton.

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Certified organic cotton is sustainably sourced and is approved by third-party certifications. It is farmed without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs. With organic cotton backpacks, you did not waste the creation because they served their intended function. Not only are Terra Thread's canvas backpacks made of organic cotton, they are also GOTS and Fairtrade Certified. We make chic and durable backpacks that can survive the rigors of the fast-paced, ever-changing world!

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There isn't an enchanted fix that can make the worldwide procurement system instantly sustainable. Personal initiatives such as choosing eco-friendly backpacks are a start in the right direction. Terra Thread's conscious manufacturing practices demonstrate that it is possible to change the way of the usual course of business and offer consumers a sustainable choice.

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