Backpacks Are Best For Beating Travel Hurdles

Best Backpacks for Traveling

Warning: They just might make you want to leave behind the bulky suitcases!  

Traveling can sometimes be a real hassle— endless security checks and many things to remember! We find ourselves continuously rechecking to ensure that we’re doing things correctly so that the journey is pleasant and free of stress. 

Bringing your backpack with you while traveling is advantageous because you get to enjoy the freestanding pleasure— hands-free and swifter mobility. It is easier to travel around with the weight resting on the back rather than dragging a rolling suitcase. While not so long ago, backpacks were frequently regarded as school or athletic bags, things have changed. You now see many people making the journey by a plane carrying a backpack, and it is not hard to tell why that is the case.  

Sturdy, eco-friendly backpacks are becoming more widespread as travel companions given the effortless pockets, robust design, and highly maneuverable functionality. The increased use of laptop sleeves as a travel backpack necessity has also added to their popularity— used as work bags for folks who need to work even while flying.  

So, are you aware of the many benefits there is to know about traveling with a backpack? Let’s help you catch up. 

  • Practical And Stylish

Terra Thread Eco-friendly Backpack

Backpacks are the Perfect Travel Carry-On

Some people utilize elegant duffel bags, while others use smaller wheeled luggage. What if you don't have either? Is it possible to utilize a backpack as a carry-on?  

Of course, you can! 

Backpacks are generally lighter and smaller than conventional suitcases (or cabin bags), and they easily accommodate the space under the passenger seat on the plane. Plus, as soon as you step out from the airport, you can also use them straight away as your carry-on backpack for city excursions, beach coastlines, nature treks, and more. Also, let’s be honest… rolling your hard case suitcase as a touring bag is not near a practical option. But yes, given that some airlines have fairly strict weight limits, the majority of them have strict dimensions for your carry-on. Most backpacks should be good to go, but for your peace of mind, confirm with the airline you'll be flying with before packing your backpack.   

Speaking of backpack sizes and cross-checking with airlines— 

There are about 59 airlines in the United States and the specifications of maximum size vary per airline. For example, American Airlines allow 18 x 14 x 8 inches or 45 x 35 x 20 cm for your backpack to be considered as a personal item. Meanwhile, 22 x 14 x 9 inches or 56 x 36 x 23 centimeters is the limit for carry-ons, which includes accessories like handles and wheels.   

While there are airline size variations, the difference shouldn’t be too drastic— so as long your backpack falls in the mentioned dimensions, you should be fine. 

  • Super Versatile

Backpacks Can Be Used As A Personal Item Or As A Carry-On  

It’s simple— if you're carrying your backpack as a personal item, slip it under your seat. If you’re carrying it as a carry-on, tuck them nicely in the overhead compartment (of course, considering your backpack is meeting the size requirements). When it comes to packing for a flight, the goal is to maximize space while staying within airline luggage size and weight constraints. Let’s say you’re traveling light with just two backpacks and would like to altogether avoid the hassle of luggage check-in— is that possible? Yes all the way.  

Most airlines allow you to bring one personal item in addition to your carry-on baggage that must fit comfortably under the seat or the overhead cabin. Given the generous dimension allowance (refer above), you have ample options for your personal belongings— be it a standard backpack, mini-backpacks, or even a duffel bag 

  • Stress-free Unloading During Security Screening 

These multifunction bags are trendy in modern-day airports, bus stations, railway depots, or any other travel platform. And, for excellent reasons! The large main compartment makes it super convenient to house all of your belongings. It allows butter-smooth removal of laptops, chargers, or food for security screening. Backpacks are adaptable, a spacious alternative with plenty of storage for almost everything you'll need on a journey (be it for holiday or work purposes)— a classic back-to-school design with straps and top-mounted handles for an effortless airport travel experience.  

  • You Get The Best Of Both Worlds: Airplane & Road Trip Carry-On 

The flexible structure of a backpack, unlike hard-shell suitcases, makes it fit into just about any compartment— be it an overhead cabin, under the seat, the backseat of a car, or the trunk. The easy-access pockets and customized sections allow you to seamlessly take in and out your electronics, headphones, or snacks mid-flight or mid-drive (assuming you’re not the one driving).  

If you wish to go on a nature walk after arriving at a specific location, taking out some of the items before filling it with water bottles and snacks or other trek essentials will decrease its heaviness, and instantly transform from a travel bag to an adventure bag— the transition couldn’t get any smoother. The bottom line is, why settle for one when you can use a backpack as an excellent storage medium for both air travel and by-road trips!  

How Travel-friendly Are Terra Tread’s Sustainable Backpacks?  

Terra Thread Sustainable Backpacks for Traveling

Terra Thread's sustainable backpacks are made of 14 oz organic cotton canvas, giving it a touch of elegant, minimalist beauty. The bag comes with many compartments— the main compartment, a large exterior zipper pocket, an inside pocket, and two water bottle pockets. Both the main and front compartments have YKK lead-free antique finish metal zippers for extra-smooth gliding. There is a laptop sleeve in the main pocket that can comfortably fit 13-inch MacBook Air/ Pro to 15-inch Windows laptops. The main compartment is large enough for your clothes and even for sliding in toiletry or makeup pouches to keep the delicate items organized and in place when you're on the move. Inside the front compartment of our multi-purpose bag, you can store your electronics, passport, keys, and other travel essentials.  

Terra Thread’s fair trade backpacks are not only spacious but also durable, thanks to certified organic cotton— humbly serving you for years with its generous lifespan. The smart design of the backpack reduces the need for extra luggage while empowering you to be a conscious, light traveler. 

Terra Thread’s backpacks are available in many dreamy colors— we’re curious which color would make your individuality pop!  

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