October 5th is California Clean Air Day

October 5th is California Clean Air Day

Clean air and a clean environment are becoming more imperative as climate change continues to threaten our planet.

Let's celebrate California Clean Air Day 2022 by making efforts to decrease smog, smoke, airborne pollutants, and other hazardous kinds of air pollution!  

According to the State of the Air 2022 report by the American Lung Association (ALA), the prevailing impacts of climate change are causing poor air quality in most of the western United States. Around 40% of Americans currently reside in areas with unhealthy air pollution levels, an increase of 2.1 million more people breathing harmful air compared to the previous year. The United Nations estimates annual global deaths from diseases brought on by poor air quality to be around seven million, out of which children account for 600,000. Additionally, nine out of ten people regularly breathe dirty air. Beyond health implications, air pollution also impacts the economy. America loses about 5% of its annual GDP to the repercussions of bad air quality. Meanwhile, the cost of air pollution exposure on a global scale stresses around 6.1% of the world's GDP.  

Prudently implementing systematic solutions is the only way to tackle the health, social, and economic implications of air pollution. The American Lung Association encourages a 100% switch to zero-emission electricity and transportation by 2050 to help prevent over 100,000 deaths in America and provide $1.2 trillion in health benefits across the nation. 

Why is Clean Air pivotal? 

Breathing air free of hazardous substances fosters activeness by making one feel more energized, which helps improve one's lifestyle. It contributes to long-term health benefits and overall improved quality of life.   

  • Prevent Health Implications 

Healthy air can lower the risks of lung cancer, stroke, heart disease, and respiratory conditions like asthma. Eliminating airborne contaminants from the air can significantly lessen the negative health impacts of air pollution and benefit the mortality rate.  

  • Secure Food Supply 

Food and air are inversely correlated. The agriculture industry makes a considerable contribution to air pollution, while air pollution significantly impacts food production. The ozone precursor emissions in polluted air hamper the development of crops. While the impact on crop evolution depends on the crop's sensitivity towards ozone, studies reveal that the most sensitive crops are, unfortunately the global staples such as wheat and soybean. Cleaner air will lead to reduced re-deposition of pollutants on land and water, which will result in better crop quality. We must keep the air clean to preserve the food supply.  

Making a Difference This "Clean Air Day"  

Cutting air pollution directly cuts harm to the entire ecosystem. The advantages of breathing clean air are immeasurable for your health. Here are a few suggestions on how you can contribute to making the earth's air cleaner.  

  • Take advantage of alternate transportation modes by reducing driving. Consider walking, carpooling, biking, or using public transportation. If you must drive, take measures like running multiple errands in one trip.  
  • Use less energy at home to lower air pollution by turning off the lights when not in the room. Be careful with heating and cooling, and if possible, avoid the lighting of fireplaces.
  • Take the Clean Air pledge. A project by CCA (Coalition of Clean Air), the pledge is based on the notion that shared experiences inspire individuals to take steps to enhance the health of our local community. The California Clean Air Day pledge represents unity— an alliance of individualsyouth, and organizations throughout the state.  

Keep track of Air Pollution in your area  

As global air pollution levels continue to skyrocket, the air we breathe is becoming increasingly more hazardous. It's a good idea to monitor the air quality index in your neighborhood before heading out, that way you can take appropriate measures for your outing. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a gauge of how quickly air pollution damages a person's health. It assists the public in understanding the current air pollution level and how it can affect their health. You can find the daily California Air Quality Index in local newspapers, websites, or even on your phone's weather app.  

Monitoring air pollution helps in detecting the source and where pollution is heaviest. Stronger emissions limits for automobiles, industrial sites, and power plants can reduce pollution and help countries comply with WHO air quality regulations. 


The severity of air pollution is one of the biggest challenges California faces, but as the state embarks on a new age in transportation, there is hopeful optimism in the air. It will definitely take more changes and shifts in societal sectors than just increasing the number of electric vehicles. Still, by making efforts to reduce pollution in our daily lives and businesses, we can see the positive changes we wish to achieve.   

We at Terra Thread are thankful for California Clean Air Day 2022 because it's a gift to the present and future generations. The planet will pass on to our children and grandchildren, and the more we curb pollution issues, the better today and tomorrow will be.  

If you're concerned about a clean, healthy environment, use the opportunity to take the pledge right now 

Happy Clean Air Day, Californians!  

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