5 Restaurants in LA that serve Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly food

Restaurants in LA that serve Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly food

Los Angeles is one of those cities in the world that are celebrated for healthy restaurants. Los Angelenos can be known for their love for healthy food, so restaurateurs have adapted organic menu selection to gratify the palate demands.

Many food establishments in LA are dancing with the goodness of fresh and organic delights. Here are five of our favorite restaurants in Los Angeles where flavor profiles do not compromise nutrition.

With LA’s demand for organic food continuing to rise, SunCafe Organic’s offerings provide consumers with the healthiest choices to enjoy their meals. An award-winning restaurant, SunCafe Organic delectables are made to cater to a range of conscious consumers; zucchini lasagna, lettuce tacos, draught beers, sweet kale shake, coconut curry with black rice— so many options to refuel the energy while loving every bite and sip. Not all tempting foods are created with health in mind, but SunCafe Organic’s menu sure is! 

Honey Hi is a small, vibrant, unpretentious café perfect for any meal— the place can be enjoyed at any o’clock. Honey Hi uses organic and locally sourced ingredients to prepare their gluten and sugar-free food. While the full menu is delicious and you want to order everything— watch out for One Bowl, miso bowl, and the Moroccan bowl— we hear it steals every heart that tries them! No doubt, there are ample healthy restaurants in Los Angeles, but Honey Hi is nothing short of amazing! 

Kye’s is a cafe of choice to satisfy hunger for those with conscious lifestyles. In a bustling city like Los Angeles, it is important to have a place to grab food that is both filling and nutritious. Kye’s makes that happen with fresh, nutrient-rich, artistic, daily food that doesn’t just taste great but also makes you feel great! Chicken bacon pesto, burrito wraps or Kyerito, smoothies, Nori burger— this is one eatery that has something to satisfy everybody, from kids to adults! The soulful foods with delicious flavor pairings are all gluten-free. 

Cafe Gratitude aims to create a healthier, more vibrant world by inviting more people into The Sample Pleasures of Clean, plant-based nutrition. From crispy Asian spring rolls to cauliflower steak, you will want to try everything from the menu. For our OC folks, you're in luck! Cafe Gratitude is also located in Newport beach in addition to Arts District, Venice, San Diego and other locations!

Not all amazing food recipes require dairy— vegan and gluten-free Brazilian food from Sage Organic Vegan demonstrates just that. Without sacrificing taste or flavor, you can enjoy the tastiest spinach basil ravioli Pomodoro, mushroom steak, Jackfruit nachos (and many more)- all made without animal or animal by-products. For those who desire classic flavors but still crave a surprise element, Sage Organic Vegan offers several traditional treats with a vegan upgrade that is sure to delight the fans of the natural color delectables. 

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