The Ideal Weekender Bag For Short Getaways

Sustainable Travel Bags

Packing and unpacking for a quick weekend getaway are more manageable and better with the right luggage bag. But given the endless options to select from, boiling down to the perfect one can be difficult. This blog delves into the ideal weekend bag you should be carrying and quick pointers on the features of a good overnight bag. 

Sustainable Overnight Duffel Bags

Duffels have a simple design that gives them an advantage over other possibilities. They're simple to use and usually have one main storage compartment and mini-storage pockets. Duffles come in various sizes, ranging from small carry-on bags with a capacity of 20–30 liters that can accommodate a weekend's worth of clothes to large duffels with a capacity of 100 liters or more for expeditions that demand more kits. Of course, they may seem slightly outdated as compared to wheeled trolleys. But wheels are limited for airports or bus depots. For typical weekend trips such as adventuring to isolated locations with uneven, muddy streets, they'll add several pounds to the bag's overall weight. Wheels-free duffels are not only lighter than wheeled bags, but they are also more malleable– you can effortlessly shove them in the backseat or load onto the roof of the car. These duffels are also more affordable and easier to carry. Moreover, they have no hard pieces, making them easy to collapse for storage. An ideal choice for trekkers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone that wants to lug a lot of stuff as well. 

Ps: Packing your smaller essentials in an eco friendly toiletry bag is a brilliant way to keep your things organized inside a duffel bag.

Sustainable Overnight BackPacks

Backpacks are one of the most popular overnight travel gear. This is most likely because backpacks are built to provide optimum benefits at a low cost. Another reason for their prevalence is that they are easily portable, small in size, and can sit comfortably in any storage space size. The main advantage of carrying a backpack is that it is highly useful when you have a larger variety of goods to haul around. You don't have to fret about losing something since it follows your back— literally. 

Eco friendly backpack

Terra Thread's Eco friendly backpack

Are You A Light Packer Or A Heavy Packer? 

Some of us get by with small carry-on luggage for a week-long trip, while others carry a check-in bag even for a quick overnight getaway. While that is a personal choice, traveling light is more feasible. It is sustainable and reduces the effort needed to maneuver in busy cities. Speaking of sustainability, check out our article, tips for a sustainable vacation. We talk about all the ways you can have a lovely adventure while keeping the planet in mind.

Getting back to backpacks— if you are carrying a check-in bag, keep in mind the weight restrictions. Many airline passengers try to load everything into a single carry-on bag to avoid the expense and inconvenience of check-in bags. If this is you as well, you want to be familiar with suitcase dimensions that are allowed as carry-ons. When combined with the length, width, and height, most airlines limit carry-on baggage to 45 linear inches. Cross-check with the airline before departure because policies vary depending on the airline. 

What is a good overnight bag? 

When you compare luggage, packs, and bags, you'll notice a variety of features. The most important things to keep an eye out for are as follows. 

  • Travel-Friendly Size 

Look for duffle bags labeled with carry-on size to meet the standard size limitations enforced by airlines. However, conditions fluctuate and can differ depending on the airline, so always confirm with your airline beforehand. 

  • A Laptop Compartment

If you frequently bring your devices with you, having a dedicated space for keeping your MacBook, iPad, or other electronics is useful. The specialized storage area can cushion and secure your gadgets throughout the journey. 

  • Extra Pockets

Aside from bringing travel cubes, built-in organizer pockets make it simple to keep the essentials like passports, cell phones, keys, etc., organized. Check out this cosmetic organizer collection

  • Sturdy Straps

You would obviously be swinging your duffel or backpack on your back. So, yes, you want a product with strong handle straps. A robust bag strap greatly simplifies lugging a hefty weight during outdoor trekking or climbing up the stairs.

  • Quality Finishing

It is no surprise that quality is crucial with the ultimate product. A key predictor of the completed product performance and reliability is the fabric. Made of organic cotton canvas, Terra Thread's sustainable duffle bag offers excellent durability and performance. Our canvas duffel bags are GOTS and Fairtrade Certified— you always want to go for tested and certified materials to ensure that they fulfill the quality standards. 

Sustainable Green Travel Bag

Terra Thread's Green Duffel Bag

Beyond fabric, duffles also include decorative additions such as zippers and pulls. Once the accessories are non-functional, it can leave the bag unusable. Poor quality finishing is an annoyance and a source of aggravation. It can result in unfavorable customer ratings and even physical injury to users. To prevent such hazardous experiences, we equip all our products with YKK lead-free antique finish metal zippers. All of these bring us back to why quality finishing is a major feature to look out for. 

Final Thoughts

We hope the pointers have left you better informed than when you first visited our page. That said, we wish you a thoughtful, exciting overnight adventure. Have as much fun as possible by packing light, taking into mind the length of time you'll be gone and the type of terrain you'll be traversing. If you're going for an outdoor overnight trip, listen to the birds tweeting, watch the creek flow, and gaze at the stars. 

Have the best weekend getaway yet! 

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