Terra Thread is saying NO to Plastic and YES to Natural Fiber

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Plastic pollution is a global concern that requires global solutions. Microplastic fragments have been discovered practically everywhere and have become a macro problem. From mountains to water bodies, snow, air, food chain, and human bodies. It's time we take a stand and say no to plastic! 

The Plastic Problem 

The reality of plastic pollution is terrible and is worse than we may realize. Researchers and scientists are unearthing unbelievable evidence about plastic pollution week after week. A whopping 7kg of plastic garbage was found inside the stomach of a dead deer in a national park. Microplastic has been found in human blood and placenta; plastic was also discovered 8,440 meters (27,690 feet) at the summit of Mt. Everest and in fresh antarctic snow. The shocking discoveries only keep coming. 

Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade.

Plastic has an unsustainable degradation rate, taking around 20 to 500 years to decompose, depending on the kind. What further doesn't help is the vicious cycle of massive plastic production and improper discarding systems. It has resulted in enormous waste accumulation that constantly invades and deteriorates our planet. Every single-use plastic item we use has disastrous consequences and contributes to the future's global issues. 

Plastic is widely used in the business industry, from products to packaging. However, there are greener ways to achieve zero waste in the industry. 

Terra Thread is dedicated to sustainable solutions for making different areas of our operation plastic-free. We offer a wide selection of eco-friendly products made of rainfed organic cotton. Free of harmful chemicals, toxins, and synthetics. A healthier and cleaner alternative not only for the consumers but also for the environment. We also do our best to address the problem of packaging. Natural, organic cotton products are superior to conventional cotton items. However, you may receive the organic product packaged in plastic packaging. That is not the case at Terra Thread- we ship our products without plastic and unnecessary packaging.

organic cotton

The impacts of single-use plastic endanger the survival of our entire world. Fortunately, there are incredible greener choices we can make to mitigate the problem. We must be mindful of the materials we use in our daily lives, from wrapping papers to shopping bags and apparel and accessories.  

The hard truth is everyone has plastic in their lives, in one form or the other. But it's not too late to make changes. Check out Terra Thread's fantastic, plastic-free alternatives that you can switch to today:

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