Tips for Hosting A Sustainable New Year’s Party

Tips for Hosting A Sustainable New Year’s Party

Are you organizing a fun party to say farewell to 2021? With these sustainable and environmentally-friendly celebration ideas, you can get a head start on your plans for an eco-friendly new year.

  • Party Invitations

Party invitations are exciting and attractive— especially if it is paper. But the thing is, papers are wasteful and end up in the bin after the party is over, almost every time. Sending out a digital invitation to your guests is easier, greener, and relatively inexpensive. Leave an email, a Facebook message, or Instagram DM. You can also browse for online websites that offer free party invitation send-outs along with features such as tracking your RSVPs and sending private messages (in case of any changes at the eleventh hour). 

  • Party Decorations

If it is not glitzy and celebratory, is it even a New Year's Eve party? Sustainable parties don’t mean you can’t incorporate the glam. But yes, the difference is in the approach. Unlike the mindless party preparations, you don't have to waste your dollars on disposable decorative elements when you can make your own out of what you already own! 

One of the coolest sustainable party ideas is repurposing the old gift wrappers. Take out the gleaming, brightly colored packaging (hopefully saved ones from the old days where times were simpler and we were less aware), and turn them into gorgeous banners, wreaths, garlands, etc. String them together, cut them into shapes— get creative! You can also use the same material to make fun party accessories like using paper towels to make imitation-snowflakes. 

  • Wining & Dining 

The market has no shortage of disposable paper or plastic tableware. But for the most eco-friendly alternative, use normal chinaware instead of single-use variants. Of course, this is only feasible for parties with less number of guests. While conventional tableware is the most environmentally responsible choice, it isn't necessarily practical if you are hosting a large group. In such situations, look for compostable or recycled dinnerware. If you do not find a sustainable alternative in your vicinity, buy them online. But before you buy, check whether they can be composted at home or in a commercial composting site. Accordingly, you can pick the most convenient option for your party. 

  • Food

What will you be serving? What recipe will make you and your guests happy while allowing a lovely meal experience? Preparing organic, healthy, and nutritious food is not only a wonderful means of making your celebration green, but it may also inspire your guests to kick off their own sustainable New Year's resolutions. 

Organic meals enhance the flavor and enjoyment— whether sweet or savory, these nutritious Christmas delights will gratify any palate. If you're having the party event catered instead of home-cooking, go for restaurants who use locally sourced or sustainably cultivated ingredients.

  • The FUN Part: Party Supplies
    • Noisemakers

The new year countdown is never less than dramatic. The noise built out of anticipation and excitement is accompanied by party poppers, kazoos, beads, and confetti— a thunderous midnight showdown. 

But the commotion for heralding the new year doesn’t have to bank off plastics.  So, how about making your own noisemakers for a sustainable hallmark moment? You can experience the same exhilaration with handmade kazoos out of cardboard tubes or filling the cups with beans. Further, instead of popping supermarket plastic confetti, shred the old wrapping papers into tiny bits and have your guest toss it in the air come the first A.M of 2022. Another sustainable alternative is biodegradable confetti, which you can purchase online or at local party prop stores. 

    • Beads 

Celebration beads make any celebration more lively— they are vibrant, fun, and colorful. But, also a major environmental issue. Yearly, about 25 million pounds of plastic beads invade the streets of the United States— eventually burdening the landfill and adding significantly to plastic pollution. So, if party beads are on your list, shop for used beads. Or make your own beaded necklaces out of candy wrappers and old accessories. 

To conclude— 

New Year's Eve is a thrilling celebration with everyone anticipating “the moment,” accelerating the night's exciting suspense aspect– the night is long and the parties are crazy. But as we can see, just a handful of eco-friendly substitutions can make parties cleaner and greener while still keeping them spectacular. 

How you welcome the new year completely rests on you– empower yourself with sustainability to make this upcoming new year’s eve celebration extraordinary!  

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