It's time to add clean Makeup Bags to your Clean Beauty Routine

clean Makeup Bags

Investment in beauty products is not cheap, so they deserve to be stored in clean and high-quality makeup bags. Careless errors like cracking compressed powders or spilling nail paint all over the dressing table are not rare. While such accidents are more likely due to circumstantial actions, the best way to keep the chaos at bay is to have the beauty supplies organized in compact toiletry bags. And given that most of us like to sort out our makeup and skincare products in different bags, it's a good idea to go for eco-friendly makeup bags. 

Why should you use clean, non-toxic makeup bags? 

Most makeup bags are made of carbon-intensive non-biodegradable plastics, specifically PVC-coated polyester. The issue with polyester is that it is all part of the use-and-throw cultural practice. Designed and built from fossil fuels, it is not biodegradable, and it is hard to recycle. While polyester is the second most used material in the fashion industry, defending the use of polyester would be difficult unless the world economy is 100% decarbonized. The manufacturing of polyester depends on squeezing more carbon fuels out from the earth's surface, which is the total opposite of sequestering carbon into the soil. 

Cosmetic & toiletry bags made from clean fiber like organic cotton are biodegradable. Polyester takes hundreds of years to biodegrade and also sheds harmful tiny microfibers throughout the process. These microfibers flake off across the atmosphere and stream into the water bodies from our laundry. Research reveals a release of 176,500 metric tonnes of synthetic microfibers, primarily polyester and nylon, every year. We inhale and consume these microfibers which can attract carcinogenic toxins in our system. A dangerous substance for both humans and aquatic life. 

Clean makeup bags allow us to enjoy healthy and spacious storage and organization for makeup accessories. 

That said, here are five reasons why organic cotton makeup bags are a better pair for your clean beauty regime.

Benefits of organic cotton Makeup Bags

Even a simple act like washing polyester and nylon fabrics releases toxins into water bodies, contributing to ocean pollution. It's terrifying because these microplastics are then consumed by aquatic animals and remain in the ecosystem indefinitely. Fortunately, there are solutions, of which one is switching to products made of organic cotton. Making the switch is a no-brainer with so many eco-friendly advantages. 

  • No Toxic Chemicals

Non-organic materials are filled with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Finding their way into the surroundings and contaminating the ecosystems. And then, they continue living on our clothes for a long time after making contact. These chemicals also transmit to the skin when exposed, causing skin problems and irritations. Using clean apparel and accessories such as organic cotton makeup bags can help avoid such consequences, allowing you to experience a healthier and more environmentally friendly life right away. 

  • Conserve Water Resources 

Fabric production uses a lot of water, which causes problems for the people and animals residing on or near the farms and factories. Organic cotton consumes around 91% less water than conventional cotton. When needed, choosing makeup bags made with organic cotton canvas can alleviate this situation and make manufacturing more equitable. 

  • Fairer and Safer Work Environment 

Organic cotton avoids the use of harmful chemicals, making it safer for the farmers and the factory workers. It prevents the impacts of harmful pesticides and insecticides exposure and also eliminates the chances of toxin runoffs into the water and land. By opting for an organic cotton makeup bag, you'll be helping lives around the world to live a safer, better life. 

  • Improve Energy Efficiency

Organic cotton requires about 62% less energy to grow than conventional cotton. When you need makeup bags, choosing organic cotton bags can help mitigate climate change and the prosperity of the planet. 

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Terra Thread Organic Cotton Makeup Bags

Terra Thread cosmetic & toiletry bags are made of organic cotton canvas. The perfect eco-friendly accessories for storing your clean beauty products. Each bag is lovingly crafted in Fairt Tade Certified factories in India. With every purchase, Terra Thread supports Feeding America's campaign to end hunger by helping donate meals to kids and families in need. Our ethical bags are all made of 100% organic cotton and come in various colors, from neutral to vibrant hues. Click here to explore Terra Thread's clean makeup bags.

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