Visiting the Mountains? You’ll need a Sustainable Backpack

sustainable backpack for hiking

Have the right backpack ready before you plan for high-altitude adventures!   

America is filled with amazing wonders— from captivating mountains to stunning lakes and majestic canyons. They may vary in size and appearance, but they share a common thread: they are incredible. And all it may take to witness the best of nature is a few hours or a day hike!  

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As the modern literature genius and Nobel prize winner T.S. Eliot puts it, "In the mountains, there you feel free," hiking liberates you from the chains of the daily hustle.  

Allowing the mind & body to wander the natural world helps us reconnect with nature and recharge spiritually, physically, and mentally. And so, it is imperative to get a break from the city clatter and explore the beauty of the open spaces occasionally. But hiking through the mountains or highlands requires a proper backpack. When you are busy revving up the hamstrings to get to the top, the only weight you want to shift is your body, not bulky gears.  

In this blog, we will talk about how to pick the best backpack for your hiking needs and introduce you to an excellent sustainable backpack option.  

Here we go—  

How to Choose the Ideal Hiking Backpack 

How comfortable is it?  

Comfort is a key consideration when choosing a backpack for the mountains. The ease of carrying is crucial for any outdoor activities, so you want to prioritize comfort when it comes to hiking backpacks. 

A comfortable bag will allow weight distribution over the hips. Your back and shoulders will not have to carry the entire burden. If you are packing tiny essentials that can be easily misplaced, you can also bring waist belts (preferably a sustainable fanny pack) with you. Eco-belt bags make reaching for various things super easy. Plus, these small, convenient bags distribute the weight of what you carry. They are the perfect mini companion to the larger backpacks during trekking, trailing, and of course, hiking.  

green fanny pack

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Is the material skin-friendly?  

Hiking comes with terrains and weather conditions challenges. You could pick a beautiful sunny day bubbling with sunshine, but that does not evade the natural phenomenon of physical activities— body heat and sweat. So, choosing the right material is important. Durable and lightweight organic cotton canvas is an excellent choice for hiking. It has excellent absorbency which draws the sweat away from the skin. It is breathable, reducing the risk of bacterial and fungal infections. Organic cotton is also free of pesticides and synthetics, making it delightful for the skin. 

Does it have great endurance?  

A great backpack can endure pressure. However, given that not all backpacks are created equal, look for a material capable of heavy-duty performance. Sustainable back-to-school backpacks, designed with longevity in mind, take on the weight for you and sans the risks of premature tearing. For instance, organic cotton canvas is a popular backpack material owing to its excellent strength and resilience. It can withstand sharp edges and hold an impressive load. So, choose a backpack that is crafted for decades of usage, if not a lifetime.   

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Can it handle the desired weight? 

Balance of weight is a crucial component of hiking, and one cannot experience a pleasant time with an overloaded backpack. And this does not imply just the packed items but also the medium, i.e., backpack. A backpack made of heavy materials will only add to the load and slow you down. So, you also want something that is not only robust and durable but also lightweight. Luckily, sustainable backpacks made of natural fiber, such as organic cotton, are as light as they come.  

That said,

here is the best ethical backpack we recommend for your consideration: Terra Thread's Earth Backpack.

The goal of Terra Thread's sustainable backpack is humble. It is to allow the most comfortable and convenient experience for people on the go. 

The Earth Backpack is made of 100% organic and fairtrade cotton, and it is GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). Not just that, but our backpacks are made at a Fair Trade Certified factory. Every stage of its production, from cultivation and harvesting to manufacturing, is done with the highest transparency and accountability.  

The spacious 16L capacity can hold all the essentials required for a day's refreshing mountain getaway. It offers a large main zippered compartment for valuables, and its additional internal laptop sleeve can accommodate up to 15 inches laptops. The enhanced lightweight feature makes it an excellent pick for hiking. 

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Our canvas backpacks are available in a lovely assortment of several colors, ranging from electric hues to soft pastels. To make our planet a greener place, all the products are shipped free of plastic and unnecessary packaging. Further, as part of our dedication to giving back, every purchase from Terra Thread supports Feeding America's campaign to end hunger by helping donate meals to kids and families in need.   

So, there you go— a glimpse of Terra Thread's ethical backpack! For a over the shoulder bag, try our light weight sling bag!

A Quick Recap:  

Spend some time deciding on a backpack before you go hiking, especially if you are constantly motivated by the profoundness of mountainous environments. You will enjoy your hike more and make the best with the proper backpack. Transporting hiking essentials such as maps, first-aid kits, water bottles, food, etc., all start with a carrier. The right backpack and systemic packing can significantly lessen tiredness, allowing you to invest your energy into exploring the "natural" instead of feeling weighed down.

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