5 Must-Have Terra Thread Products for Your Summer Travels

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As the low clouds break and the glow of summer approaches, we are all eagerly anticipating some much-needed trips under the soft and sunnier skies. Maybe it's a day outing to the beach, a weekend camping in the woods, a long journey out west to an amazing national park, or you want to travel farther away to popular overseas holiday destinations. Whatever the nature of your trip this year or the next one, we have put together a list of five eco-friendly items to take with you that will serve you and the environment well!

  1. Bumi Duffle Bag
  2. Earth Backpack
  3. T-shirt
  4. Hoodie
  5. Toiletry Bag

Make sure you have these five must-have products from Terra Thread in your travel bag.

Not only are they durable and sustainable, but they're also stylish and perfect for any adventure. Let's look further into these items.

One of our favorite eco-friendly travel companions is undoubtedly our Bumi duffle bag.

black duffle bag

You can carry it everywhere you go, whether you're camping, traveling long/ short distances, trekking, etc.

    • Measuring 13" (H) x 20" (W) x 12" (D), this smart bag offers the best of both worlds— space and easy access. 
    • The adjustable strap of up to 44 inches allows comfortable carrying options. 
    • Bumi duffle is capacious and portable, and made of durable 14-oz Certified Fairtrade Organic cotton canvas. 

If you are a light traveler or want to pack something extra, then a travel backpack may be the answer. The benefits of carrying a backpack are abundant. The design and construction of our Earth Backpack contribute to how much they can hold while keeping useful travel essentials like a water bottle within arm's reach. Once you arrive at your destination, you can use it for activities and errands without needing to switch to a different bag.

everyday backpack

This energetic, sustainable backpack has a ton of travel conveniences and was made with movement in mind. The space generosity makes storing and retrieving things super easy with an internally accessible laptop/tablet sleeve for those who take their work with them. With Earth Backpack, you can organize your clothes, toiletries, and other items in the smart built-in storage sections just like any other bag, but with the advantage of lightweight travel which fits right into the art of environmentally conscious travel!

If backpack is a bit too much for daily use, try our sustainable fanny pack!

yellow fanny pack

Luggage weight matters when you travel, especially if you're traveling by air. This is because cargo weight greatly impacts an airplane's carbon emissions. Study shows 2.5% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion are caused by passenger air travel. Further, passenger aircraft make up approximately 85% of the CO2 emissions from commercial aviation. The ecology will appreciate you for packing light and taking only what is necessary.

men's organic cotton t shirts

It is best to bring only universally compatible, everyday clothes like crew neck t-shirts that fulfill the mix-and-match department. Our Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC™) Cotton t-shirt will keep you cool in hotter temperatures, and the natural fabric adds to the t-shirt's durability. Prewashed and preshrunk, this soft t-shirt will become the backbone of your wardrobe.

Our organic cotton hoodies lend a modern and incredibly cozy appearance. The environmentally friendly ROC cotton fabric, dynamic design, softness, and lightweight make it one fine contender for any travel excursion! Available in two styles: Zip-Up Hoodie and Pullover Hoodie.

green zip up hoodie

Traveling is fun but is often accompanied by the headache of carefully packing all of your toiletries into a carry-on. So, while carrying your beauty and hygiene liquids is justified, you don't have to use plastic bags to transport them. Eco-friendly toiletry bags are fantastic options to keep items organized and save space. This sustainable toiletry bag serves as an impressive demonstration of how the best eco-friendly toiletry bags can look exquisite without abusing the planet's resources.

 best travel toiletry bags

The case has a side carry handle that is convenient for travel and a long pull zipper for easy access. The 4.5L interior capacity helps store ample items while keeping them organized at all times!

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